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MediaMonkey is the movie and music organizer for the serious collector
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Ngoo Nam Almost perfect until you get to video subtitles. It fails to display subtitles.

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okdone Very feature-rich interface. Lots of useful functionality. The best is that it supports a conversion of formats which just works. Smooth app. Just great!

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Dries Mediamonkey has been my tool of choice to organise and play MP3 files for years. I use it to synchronise to my iPod too. Superb tool that does all a music player and organiser needs to (and more).

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Guest this software is really charming

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Guest Best & no 1 player

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Reinhard Great Library Tool

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abdu It is very useful thanks to Nokia.

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Richard Lafromboise

Richard Lafromboise Great player with multiple library functions

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BlThunder Has some bugs but in sum works great

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Guest This media player is the only free program, out of the few commercial programs, that allows DAO (Disc-at-once) Audio CD burning.
With DAO, you can get virtually no gaps, not even a slight millisecond of a gap. I listen to DJ mix CDs and Happy Hardcore/Gabber albums, which require gapless playback, because each track plays immediately after another. If there's a gap, it sounds terrible.
With MediaMonkey, I can burn those CDs without having to pay for other 3rd Party professional burning applications.

Plus, if you want to have the best of the best, get MediaMonkey Gold.
With Gold, you are given quite a few useful extras, but I only use one of them: the file monitor.
This feature allows you to choose certain folders, and whenever MediaMonkey loads, it will automatically scan those folders for media files, and display them in the library.
The list re-builds itself (not resets) every time you restart the application, but it's fast, and I mean very fast, at loading the music, and I have a 10,000 song library.
Also, the file monitor continually looks for new files added in those chosen folders. But, it doesn't remove the files if they dissapear. This can be helpful, or not.
It isn't helpful, because if you move or rename a folder, but keep it within the monitored folders, duplicates will be a problem.
But, because MediaMonkey doesn't keep all of the library's files in use, this can be a good thing. If your flash drive, or external hard drive is monitored, then you can eject it, plug it back in, and MediaMonkey can still play the files.
But, MediaMonkey keeps track of what files are missing, and what files are duplicates under the "Files to edit" selection in the library. But, in order to count a file as missing, you have to play it, as far as I can see. There may be an extension to fix that though.

Anyways, all-in-all, MediaMonkey is, by far, the best media player in my eyes. It even has an extension available to Scrobble your media you play!

I have tried 10s of media players to find the best one in terms of advantages, and I think MediaMonkey takes the cake. 10/10

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Ksu Great thing!!!!

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Guest user friendly compared to itunes, winamp & others I've tried

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IKE Nice

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david maxey Does not play 5.1 ripped files, otherwise very good.

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Murtuza Good Player. But still has some bugs. Whenever I open it, it asks installation questions. About the type of tracks to be played like MP3 MP4 WMV BLAH BLAH BLAH.....!!!!! The milk drop in player doesn't open on the first window like in Windows Media Player.....!!! smile smile smile

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